Stocking lining

Efficient renovation without inconvenience

Aarsleff Pipe technology specializes in the renewal of pipes, ducts and sewers in all dimensions and shapes. We are the market leader in Denmark when it comes to renewal of pipes with sock lining in mains as well as in pipes in and under properties. We can also renew ventilation ducts, chimneys, wells and downpipes from toilets and kitchens. Our working methods are developed so that we can install the sock quickly and efficiently – without excavation or demolition.

The sock lining is simply done by tilting a soft polyester sock into the leaky tube. The sock hardens in a short time and now lies like a new, durable tube inside the old one. And the lifespan is long – up to 100 years.

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Aarsleff Pipe technology is the safe choice

Benefits of stocking lining

Minimal genes

With Aarsleff Sock Lining, we can renovate downpipes and sewer systems without demolishing walls, scrapping floors, removing cabinets, reorganizing existing installations or excavating. This means that you get rid of clutter. Stocking lining ensures an uncomplicated and quick renovation with minimal inconvenience to the building’s users or the company’s operations.

Short execution time

One of our most important tasks is to disturb as little as possible. Therefore, we make sure to streamline the renewal of sewers and downspouts. For example, Aarsleff Socks can be sewn together so that cable runs with different dimensions can be renewed in one operation, which enables a renewal of several hundred meters at a time.

A good investment

As a provider under Control Scheme for Cable Renovation, we can document that the sock lining lasts for up to 100 years. The renovation is equivalent to having new pipes installed in the existing pipes, and you avoid all the costs associated with excavation, demolition and re-establishment, which often results in a large saving.


Customized and tested

For the past 40 years, we have developed and refined the production and installation of our sock liners, which are manufactured at our factory in Aarhus. This means that we adapt the sock to the individual task and in this way achieve the optimal result every time. We have our own laboratory, where we test all the raw materials and the finished products for e.g. resilience. Aarsleff Stocking lining has an expected service life of up to 100 years.

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