We are able to execute installations with water cure, UV cure, steam cure and LED cure resins. Depending on requirements we can use different kind of resins. We can choose from three main types: polyester, vinylester or epoxy resin. As a carrier material we can choose either glass liner or felt liners.

Whatever your project we have right solution for you. We are able to execute long installations and even in pipes with deformation and bends.

During 2021 Aarsleff Oy executed 1432 m in diameters DN1300-DN1500, with 10 water cure installations.

During 2022 Aarsleff Oy executed 1662 m in diameters DN1300-DN1800, with 13 water cure installations.

On top of those there was smaller diameter pipes that were executed with steam cure liners.

Many instalations were next to city center underneath busy streets and with bus traffic and school next to site.

All installations were done in normal wastewater pipes and thus regular polyester resin was best solution.

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