Worn-down sewage pipes under hospital in the Faroe Islands

Renewal of worn-down sewage pipes in Thorshavn

As part of a clear plan to avoid expensive and sudden injuries to the worn-down sewage pipe system, the national hospital in Thorshavn, Faroe Islands has launched the first no-dig relining project ever. In hospitals it is extremely important that the work is done without a major impact on the daily operation.

Using our patented and well proven LED technology we ensured minimum interference of the daily operations at the hospital and avoided extensive and expensive excavations. In comparison with heat or steam curing, LED curing is a much quicker solution also leaving patients and employees free from steam and odors. Anton Arge from SMJ, who advises the National Hospital in Torshavn explains: “It would be completely unimaginable if we were to replace the old sewage pipes with new ones.

The sewage pipes are located underneath the buildings, so a replacement would mean that the hospital should dispose of functions, move departments and generally inflict major inconvenience for patients and employees.”

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