Renewal of "swirl pipes" in Norway

Damaged road underpass is a dangerous hazard

Water running over roads due to heavy rainfall and runoff from mountain sides is a serious challenge in Norway. In many cases, the problems are caused by tight road underpasses and “swirl pipes”. When joints become old, parts of the pipe will corrode and result in leach of surrounding materials with a risk of the road collapsing.

Traditionally, outdated pipes in road underpasses are dug up and replaced with the disadvantages this causes for people and traffic. However road underpasses can much easier be renewed inside the existing pipes while traffic is undisturbed.

Our Norwegian subsidiary, Olimb has previously installed several large No-Dig projects in dimensions up to DN1600mm. Now, however, they have succeeded with a new record road underpass with a massive DN2000mm. The renewed pipe has approximately the same internal diameter as the old one, and the pipes capacity is maintained. The pipe is dimensioned and manufactured according to the load rate it is exposed to, with an expected lifetime of up to 100 years.

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