Aarsleff Pipe Technologies is a European market leader with global experience within trenchless pipeline renewal. Among other things, we have developed the Aarsleff CIPP Lining which is the most efficient method for renewal of many types of pipes.

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We are producers, engineers and contractors

Since 1978, we have pioneered and produced No-Dig technologies in our advanced, in-house, R&D laboratory and production facilities. We offer our services as a supplier and as a contractor – and have carried out complex pipe-renewal projects throughout Europe and the rest of the world.


We can strengthen any existing pipeline

With our complete product range of certified No-Dig pipe solutions using LED, UV, water or steam, we are able to renew virtually any existing pipe system, profile, length and diameter with minimum disruption to city life.


We are a part of the global Aarsleff Group

Aarsleff Pipe Technologies is a part of Per Aarsleff A/S, a leading Danish contracting company with 8,800 employees worldwide. Aarsleff is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S and the Group’s annual revenue amounts to EUR 2.6 billion.


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mill. euro in annual revenue

It would be completely unimaginable if we were to replace the old sewage pipes with new ones. The sewage pipes are located underneath the buildings, so a replacement would mean that the hospital should dispose of functions, move departments and generally inflict major inconvenience for patients and employees.


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