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Renewal with Aarsleff Hat Profile

Aarsleff Hat Profile is more than just a lateral connection collar sealing the connection between the lateral and the main pipe. Even the short hat profiles are of such a length that they pass the first connection on the lateral. In general, hat profiles are only installed in relined pipes.

Hat profiles can be installed in pipes made of concrete, clay or plastic, but adhesion to the surface of the existing pipe cannot be guaranteed. Aarsleff Hat Profile is admitted to the Control Scheme for Pipeline Rehabilitation. The admission covers only the actual lateral connection  collar. Admission of the long hat profile covers two systems: the hat profile as well as the CIPP Lining of the lateral.

Control scheme for pipeline rehabilitation

Aarsleff CIPP Lining of main pipes and laterals is admitted to the Control Scheme for Pipeline Rehabilitation. This is also the case of the Aarsleff Hat Profile.

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