Liner production

We produce more than 1.000.000 meters of liners each year

Market-leading manufacturer of liners

In our state-of-the-art R&D laboratory and ISO-certified production facilities, we develop and carefully test the high-quality Aarsleff CIPP liners and installation equipment. Our system complies with the highest international quality standards regarding applicable materials for renewal of any sewage pipes.

We have experienced engineers

Our more than 40 years of experience with CIPP solutions has made us a trusted No-Dig partner for water companies worldwide. We offer our extensive expertise at every step from planning to executing the project. Our skilled engineers have extensive know-how and international experience that can help you choose the optimum product and way of executing your project.


Complete and wide product portfolio

As a supplier of liners to our partners throughout the world, we partner with carefully selected local contractors whom we supply with our world leading liners. Compared to any other supplier or manufacturer of CIPP liners on the market, we hold the most complete product portfolio covering all types of liners within glass and felt liner.

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Our projects


Aarsleff has decades of experience from projects across Europe. This experience is often drawn from our local subsidiaries, which means customers benefit from additional speed and efficiency.

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