LED curing technology prevents collapsed pipes at care home

LED technology facilitates sewer renovation at dementia care home

In the context of refurbishment projects in a care home for people suffering from dementia, noise, clutter and the presence of strange workmen can result in intense reactions from the residents, so rehousing may be necessary. But at the Rosengaarden Care Home in Hornslet in Syddjurs Municipality, LED technology facilitated flexible refurbishment of the sewage system, thereby avoiding rehousing, and requiring extra staff for just a few of the days.

Rosengaarden Care Home, where a large number of residents suffer from dementia, invested in a refurbishment of the sewers using cured-in-place pipelining technology instead of replacement. This circumvented the need for excavation and avoided major disturbance of residents and staff.


Preventing rats and collapsed pipelines

Rosengaarden is divided into dementia residences, care residences and a group home: a total of 64 residences.

The oldest part of the Rosengaarden Care Home dates from 1870, which means that the sewerage system in the majority of places is unfit for use. At the same time there are no drawings of the sewerage installations.

Particularly in the dementia units it is important for the sewers to work optimally, because residents are not entirely clear about what rightly belongs in a toilet. So pipes often get blocked, when unintended foreign objects get flushed down toilets. Some of the drains are located at a depth of four metres with very little gradient. Combined with the fact that, due to wear, the friction in the old sewer pipes is very reduced, this constitutes a major risk of blockage.

“There was a conscious strategy to perform the refurbishment using cured-in-place pipe linings: the sewerage network in some places was in danger of collapsing beneath our feet. If everything had to be dug up, it would be much more expensive and cause much more disturbance for residents and staff (including rehousing),” explains Valentin Havbo, Technical Services Manager at the Rosengaarden Care Home.

In the context of the sewerage refurbishment, Aarsleff also surveyed the sewerage network, so the Rosengaarden Care Home is now ready for an upcoming separate sewerage system.

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