Aarsleff Glass Liner

UV Installation


The PAA-G-Liner is a liner designed for renewal of gravity pipes. Each glass fibre liner is tailored to the individual installation at our ISO certified factory.

Our Glass fibre liners consist of several glass layers. The glass fibre fabric used is produced by ECR-glass. The glass fibre liner has high mechanical properties. The Aarsleff-G-Liner is DIBT approved and has an expected lifetime of up to 100 years.



The liner is pulled in by means of a winch and then expanded to the existing pipe wall with air pressure. When the liner is expanded a light train is pulled through the glass liner. A camera mounted on the light train ensures that the liner is in correct place. Curing takes place during pull back when lamps are turned on and the light train passes through the pipe section.


Installation time

Depending on pipe dimension and length, 1 to 3 installations are carried out per day. The curing time depends directly on the pipe length.

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Aarsleff has decades of experience from projects across Europe. This experience is often drawn from our local subsidiaries, which means customers benefit from additional speed and efficiency.

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