Aarsleff Felt Liner

Water Installation


The PAA-SF-Liner™ consists of a multi-layered polyester needle felt with a high temperature resistant coating. Each felt liner is tailored to the individual installation at our ISO certified factory.

The felt laminate is built up by 1-7 layers; each sewn together by a longitudinal seam. To ensure that the laminate is homogeneous, the seam is displaced between the individual layers. The outer layer is coated with polypropylene (PP). The outer layer will become the new inside pipe wall after inversion.



A thin plastic preliner is installed to avoid water infiltration in the laminates during installation. The weight of the water will force the liner inside the existing pipe. Normally the liner is inverted into the pipe from the top of a scaffold placed over the manhole. The curing takes place by heating and recirculating the water in the pipe. With water installation it is possible to renew several hundred meters of pipe in one installation. Felt Liner installed with water can also be used for siphons under rivers.


Installation time

The method is used for large dimensions. It is possible to carry out up to 3 installations per week. Often the installation time depends on the pipe length.

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