European market leader

European market leader

Since the beginning in 1978, Aarsleff Pipe Technologies has become the European market-leader in the CIPP industry.

Today, we are represented in 10 countries spread across Europe and we have a revenue of more than 300 million Euro per year, we have over 168 installation units, and more than 1000 employees working together with our customers every day.

Being the European market-leader does not mean that a project can be too small. On the contrary, it just shows that we are able to do many different types of jobs and use the optimal type of installation technique regardless of demands. With local companies located throughout Europe, we have in-depth know-how about local demands, legislation, standards, and individual safety regulations. And while we act local, we always use our know-how from more than 40 years of European and global experience within many types of installations from DN70 to DN2200.

We believe that true leadership comes from experience, but also from the ability to innovate. Over time, we have pioneered and produced No-Dig technologies in our advanced in-house R&D and production facilities and at our installation crews. This allows us to carry out complex pipe-renewal projects throughout Europe and the rest of the world – and offer our services both as a supplier to 3rd party customers and as a contractor for our own installations.

So, next time you have a demanding project – big or small: Choose a partner, not a product.


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