We constantly push the bar in our industry

We constantly push the bar in our industry

In 1978, Aarsleff Pipe Technologies installed its first cured-in-place-pipe lining (CIPP), and today we have become European market-leaders with most glass and felt liner meters installed per year.

The reason for our leadership is found in the ability to always push ourselves forward with challenging milestones, finding the right solution for the job at hand, while always honouring our clients’ demands and needs.

We have invented new ways of conducting business and raising the bar whenever needed – in order to constantly find and employ the best possible solution. Looking back, there have been many milestones for Aarsleff Pipe Technologies. The following are particularly worth highlighting:

1978: The first CIPP relining was performed in Denmark
1981: Launch of the first “Cutter” for opening laterals
1990: The first vertical CIPP relining was performed
1992: The first unique “HAT profile” for lateral openings from a main pipe was installed
1993: The first mobile steam unit was put in motion
1994: Opening of inhouse felt liner production
2004: Own production of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) pipes was initiated
2007: Introduction of the Bluelight LED system was introduced
2013: The first Aarsleff glass liner installation using UV light was installed
2014: Felt liner for drinking water pipes is approved in compliance with DVGV standards
2017: First LED Hat installation from main to house with our Bluelight LED curing system
2020: We passed the 1 mio. meter per year production at our own production facilities

During the years, we have made many innovations and have registered several patents for our solutions and techniques. For example, our unique and revolutionary Bluelight.

Read more about our development capabilities in this article about our LED Curing Hat concept for laterals: Remote-controlled through to the target


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