We have tried it all, more or less

We have tried it all, more or less

There are many worn-out pipelines in the world, which can only mean that there will be even more focus on improving the systems in the future – offering great prospects for the entire sector. The CIPP market is today massively concentrated around the bigger main sewage systems. Going forward, we are witnessing an increasing global demand for renovating the smaller laterals too, and this will impact the development of the sector for many years to come.

It is difficult to predict the future, but we are in a position where we can renew virtually any existing pipe, regardless of profile, length and diameter whatever direction market developments take and whatever solutions will be required. This is made possible with our wide product range in Aarsleff Pipe Technologies that include our certified solutions in the field of No-Dig, using LED, UV, GRP, water or steam.

Our position today is the result of our sustained development and innovation alongside our uncompromising focus on quality throughout the company’s 40 years of existence. It is the result of hands-on experience in large and small projects within Main lines, Industry, Laterals, Housing, Road and Railway installations. This has given us concrete specialist knowledge and know-how, which we are more than happy to share in order to optimize the best execution of the projects and as supplier of liner materials.

So, you can rely on us to be a trusted partner – granting you access to 40 years of tried-and-tested experience.

Check the video in the link that gives a short presentation on how we are capable of handling demanding projects: Bluelight LED System, a case story from Denmark’s largest hospital


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