The safe choice since 1978

The safe choice since 1978

More than 40 years ago, Aarsleff Pipe Technologies installed its first cured-in-place-pipe lining (CIPP) and today, Aarsleff Pipe Technologies has exceeded an annual production of 1 million metres of liners and established installation companies in 10 countries in Europe.

CIPP is No-Dig and has proven itself since the beginning as a strong method and technology. However, time has also shown that CIPP itself as a solution is no guarantee for a perfect result every time – or the best overall solution in all cases. Success very much depends on who is selected as the contractor to carry out the project. In too many cases, price is the only factor and the job is not carried out in the most optimal way, as well as local conditions being underestimated in the execution of the project.

Therefore, we say ”don’t choose a product, but choose a partner”, since this is the fastest and best way to a satisfactory result. And we truly believe that the choice of the installer is very important in order to have the best overall execution and cost-efficiency of the project.

At Aarsleff Pipe Technologies we are, where we are today, because of our ability to always complete any assignment, no matter how complex or how long time it will take. And because of our flair for delivering a competitive, top-quality project and being the safe choice for the customer.


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