Over 40 years ago, Aarsleff Pipe Technologies installed its first cured-in-place-pipe lining (CIPP) and today, we have exceeded an annual production of 1 mill. metres of liners and established installation companies in 10 countries across Europe.

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Don’t choose a product. Choose a partner.

CIPP is No-Dig and has proven itself since its origins, as a well-known method and proven technology. However, time has also shown that it is not to be taken for granted that you get the same result or the best overall solution. This very much depends on who has been selected as the Contractor to carry out the project and in too many cases price was also the only factor and the job was not carried out the most optimal way and conditions were underestimated in the execution of the project.

Furthermore, t is our experience in too many cases projects are locked too early on what installation method and product that is going to be used, which we believe is not the right approach and limits the outcome and leave out other maybe better options.

Therefore, we want to highlight, that One Size does not fit all, and there are more options available. We take pride in helping the customer define how the job is carried out in the most cost efficient and optimized technical way. This creates a win-win situation for both the client and us where we optimize the resources used and secure a much better economic result for the citizens of the city.

We believe it is important that the project is not “locked” too early, but instead treated with full respect to local conditions, and how it best can be executed gives the many factors that may influence the end result. It is a question about understanding what are the requirements and how are they best executed. Different materials and different installation methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but the key is use them wisely and when appropriate. So in other words, it is not the product itself that makes the difference, but the experience of the company doing the installation.

Therefore, we say ”don’t choose a product, but choose a partner”, since it is our experience and believe that the choice of the installer is very important in order to have the overall best execution and cost of the project.


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The difference is in our mindset

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation is not only about products. It is about finding the right solution for the projects you are going to execute. We know this. Which we would like to emphasize in the following eight themes.


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